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MHS Announces its ClaimsXten Software Upgrade

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–ClaimsXten software upgrade effective September 13, 2010–

MILWAUKEE (September 28, 2010) — Managed Health Services (MHS), and its parent company, Centene Corporation announces the upgrade to its code editing software, ClaimsXten (CXT) by McKesson. Enhancements to this software include quarterly updates from McKesson for coding standards. ClaimsXten offers greater flexibility, more up to date editing, and a greater ability regarding editing being passed to the Provider. ClaimXten is accessible to both provider offices and outpatient facilities.

MHS will continue to ensure that it is processing claims in compliance with generally accepted industry coding standards. MHS, through ClaimsXten will continue to recognize and take into consideration the conventions set forth in the health insurance industry, such as, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Correct Coding Initiative policies, current health insurance and specialty guidelines, and the American Medical Association’s CPT Assistant newsletter.

The web-based code auditing reference tool will remain the same. This reference tool demonstrates how ClaimXten software evaluates different code combinations. Please note, the tool does not take into account individual fee schedule reimbursement, authorization requirements or other coverage considerations. It displays code editing logic only . All other processes will remain the same.

ClaimsXten is available through MHS’s Provider Portal at: If you have questions or comments, please contract your Provider Relations Representative or call Provider Services at (800) 222-9831.

MHS values its Providers, and looks forward to a lasting relationship. For more information about MHS, please visit Check us out on Twitter and “Become a MHS Facebook Fan” at Managed Health Services – Wisconsin.