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Behavioral Health HEDIS Microlearnings

Date: 06/21/24

We value everything you do to deliver quality care for our members—your patients—and to make sure they have a positive healthcare experience. There are several behavioral health measures that providers can directly impact related to follow-up care for mental illness or substance use disorders, medication adherence, and metabolic monitoring. 

That’s why we’ve created Behavioral Health HEDIS® PowerPoint® Microlearnings

These short trainings take less than 10 minutes each to complete and will  give you the tools you need to meet, document and code HEDIS measures. 

Purpose: The purpose of the trainings are for medical and behavioral health providers to recog-nize the intent of the Behavioral Health HEDIS measures and share strategies to impact quality care and outcomes for our members. 

Target Audience: Medical and Behavioral health Providers, including licensed and unlicensed health care professionals and office staff. 

Duration: 8-10 minutes each

To register, please select from the trainings below.

Download a printable Behavioral Health HEDIS® PowerPoint® Microlearnings (PDF) flyer that includes QR codes to each of the trainings so you can share with your team.

Together, we can provide the care and services our members need to stay healthy and improve quality scores and Star Ratings. This supports our providers and ultimately benefits our members.

Please contact your Provider Relations representative at 1-800-222-9831 if you need more information or have any questions. Quality care is a team effort.