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Provider Directory Review and Clean-up

Date: 11/27/23

MHS Health Wisconsin remains committed to ensuring our members have access to quality care from valued providers.

Ensuring access to care hinges on the accurate maintenance and presentation of data in our Provider Directory. This guarantees that our members can easily locate the most suitable healthcare provider in their preferred location. To support that effort, we have contracted with a leading healthcare data accuracy vendor to perform quarterly reviews of our Provider Directory data and ensure that the information displayed to our members is up to date.

The use of our vendor’s patented, proprietary data cleansing algorithms will help us to identify and suppress outdated provider information from our directory, as well as identify potentially new or changed data on a quarterly basis. This new cleansing process will be seamless to you.  Provider attestations are not required, and any necessary suppressions will be implemented automatically.

To see how your data is currently displayed to members in our directory, you may visit our Find-a-Provider online directory and search for all applicable practices, locations, or practitioners.

Thank you for being a valued partner in caring for the health and well-being of our members. If you have any questions about the information above, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions listed below or contact your Provider Relations representative by calling the Provider Inquiry Line at 1-800-222-9831. If you are unsure who your representative is, please email us at