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ServicesStandard & SSI PlanCo-Pay
*PharmacyState drug list$.50 - $3 *
Medication given during a healthcare provider visitFull coverageMHS covers
Physician visitsFull coverageMHS covers
Inpatient hospitalFull coverageMHS covers
Outpatient hospitalFull coverageMHS covers
Emergency roomFull coverageMHS covers
Nursing homeFull coverageMHS covers
Physical therapyFull coverageMHS covers
Home healthFull coverageMHS covers
Medical equipmentFull coverageMHS covers
Medical suppliesFull coverageMHS covers 
*TransportationRoutine to & from covered servicesFull coverage
AmbulanceFull coverageMHS covers
*DentalPreventive, restorative, palliative*$1 - $3
VisionOne exam & glasses per yearMHS covers
Added vision$100 allowance for better frames or $80 toward contact lensesMHS covers
HearingFull coverageMHS covers
HospiceFull coverageNo co-pay
Family planningFull coverageNo co-pay
*ChiropractorFull coverage*$3
PodiatristFull coverageMHS covers
Mental health outpatientFull coverageMHS covers
Mental health inpatientFull coverage for age 0-21. (Stays for ages 22-64 in institutional settings are not covered).MHS covers
Residential treatmentShort-term coverage for substance abuse*No co-pay
Health educationMHS added benefitAsthma, diabetes, hypertension

*Depending on your county of residence the dental benefit may be provided by MHS or by the state. Pharmacy and chiropractic services are provided by the state in all areas. You may access this care from any provider that will accept your ForwardHealth card. Routine transport is provided by the state through a separate company.

Services Not Covered

  • Medically unnecessary services 
  • Reversal of voluntary sterilization 
  • Infertility treatments 
  • Surrogate parenting and related services 
  • Artificial insemination 
  • Inpatient mental health stays in institutional settings for ages 22 – 64 
  • Experimental procedures and treatments